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What products does Collaboration Tools Ltd currently offer?

  1. Town Digital Hub is a social Web platform that empowers local organisations and local people to deliver a safe future for their community.

  2. The prototype Stakeitback app is a Web app to fund small-scale social businesses by selling stakes, redeemable for the original purchase price plus a fixed amount when the business meets a target.

How do your products handle and charge for payments?

  1. Town Digital Hub does not handle payments. It may send a user a link where they can pay a third party, such as for a ticket to a community event.

  2. The prototype Stakeitback app  allows a user to pay in and withdraw from their account via instant card payments (without storing card details), with a 3.5% surcharge to pass on merchant fees. Stake transactions are then balance transfers between accounts, inside the app. Refund and cancellation are unavailable in either case.

How are your products funded?

  1. Town Digital Hub is usually funded for an area by a local government body.

  2. The prototype Stakeitback app charges users a 1% administration fee on stake transactions. An annual charge per locality is also made, usually to a local government body, to support stake issuer authorisation in their area.

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