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AI for climate adaptation via local social trading

Climate Protest


Climate change may bring economic devastation. How could addressing it bring economic regeneration?

Current big technology approaches carry unquantifiable risks yet have unknown chances of success. The resources required for geo-engineering are huge and the money goes to big players. We are taking a wild gamble with the planet and the only sure outcome is reinforced inequality.

By contrast, grass roots green initiatives are woefully under-supported, despite evidence that they can have massive multiplier effects. If we enable small-scale Agile experimentation at community level, it can fail fast where necessary and replicate successes at scale. The costs will be low, and the money will circulate locally, creating wealth where most needed.

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Stakeitback provides cities and regions with AI that helps local people set up and build social businesses  to address climate change.

The platform does more than offer advice. It creates a business plan and generates basic business services for social traders.

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  1. Cities and regions will be able to encourage and empower local people to implement the local climate adaptation strategy and policies. This will make better use of their limited funds, since local solutions will become self-sustaining financially and contribute to grass roots economic regeneration.

  2. Community organisations will be able to contribute to climate adaptation by learning what solutions best fit local climate strategy as well as which implementations of these have worked elsewhere and which haven't. They will also get help with gaining startup grant funding and with operating a successful social business.

  3. Technologists will have access to AI that is reliable, explainable, and relevant to social challenges including climate change.

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Interactions you might have with Stakeitback

  1. I've found this great climate innovation – would it work in my area? Who would benefit? In what ways?

  2. Ok, so it seems like it would genuinely help my community. What grants might fund a pilot in this area?

  3. The pilot is going really well! How much money would I need to turn it into a social business, and what return could I offer? Over what period? With what risk?

  4. That might be attractive if each investor doesn't have to put much in. How can I test the water with local people / organisations?

  5. Wow, that's more enthusiasm than I expected, but also a lot of questions I don't fully understand! Can I get some help answering them?

  6. Potential investors seem reassured, and have given some really helpful advice. How can I incorporate their suggestions into a concrete offer?

  7. The money's in! How can I recruit staff, get online, and put together everything else this social business needs?

  8. We've done some great things with the money people invested. How can I showcase the outcomes they have contributed to, and get their input into next steps?

  9. I'm ready to start paying back investors. But could I offer them extra returns if they leave their money with me for a while longer?

  10. I feel like this social business could expand. What new offers could I make to investors?

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