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Community businesses create more than wellness

They create jobs

So, we help councils create community businesses

Coronavirus has hit young people just emerging into the job market hard, especially those from disadvantaged communities. Even the well educated, trained, and coached cannot find jobs to apply for. A generation is facing long-term financial hardship.

Stakeitback is a non-profit initiative that enables young people and others to find worthwhile employment by becoming social traders, without need for grant aid or other formal funding. We help them start local, ethical businesses that not only succeed commercially but give back to the community, via a Web platform and accompanying monthly workshops that:

  1. Inspire young people and others by showing them examples of great social businesses.

  2. Guide them to become social traders by helping them choose a business as a model for their own local version, and use it as a basis for their own startup plan.

  3. Let them raise startup funds from the community by selling stakes to local well wishers and others - not as charitable crowdfunding, but redeemable for the original cost plus an additional amount when the business meets a target.

  4. Create their customer base - stake buyers are likely also to buy products and services from the startups they support, and to evangelize them to others locally.

  5. Build their reputation for doing good - people who buy stakes in a startup are able to see progress not only towards its redemption target but also towards social outcomes aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Computer Store

Web platform

Free at point of use, set up so that a council customer can control who is able to issue stakes locally, by nominating individuals to approve or reject local stake issue requests. We provide these individuals with guidance, training, and support. Zero configuration is required by the council customer.

Cost: £1500 per locality per year (exc. VAT).

What is a Stakeitback locality?

Startup Development Team


Optionally by video call, each for up to 10 people, showing how to use the Web platform to create a startup plan and raise funds. Workshop attendees are also provided with training material to work through in their own time. Workshops are typically run monthly, and attendees may take part in more than one if needed.

Cost: £500 per workshop (exc. VAT).

Who we are

Cleo Lake larger.jpg

Cleo Lake

Councillor for Cotham & Deputy Green Group Leader

With a background in social justice activism, arts and culture, I was elected in 2016 to represent the ward of Cotham. It has been an incredible experience attending BCR partnership meetings and supporting residents with queries and community projects where I can.

In addition to my ward work, I am also a go to person for members of our diverse communities. I was particularly active with regards to the ‘Windrush Scandal’ a shocking and heart breaking situation affecting longstanding community elders and others. I do my best to empower others to engage with local issues and take action. I am passionate about ‘de-colonising’ Bristol and was active with the Countering Colston movement which successfully intervened and got powerful institutions to question their ongoing celebrations of Edward Colston.

Recently I have enjoyed a fantastic year as the Lord Mayor which gave me the opportunity to meet so many different people and visit new places in the city I was born in and that I love.

For the rest of my term my focus remains working for residents in Cotham and supporting the youth and under represented groups into politics and action. I am a member of Avon Fire Authority and Chair the Diversity Inclusion Cohesion and Equalities committee. Before being Lord Mayor I was on the board of Destination Bristol and Bristol Cultural Development Partnership.

Keith Harrison-Broninski

Technologist, author, and speaker specialising in collaboration across organisational boundaries as well as social technology for wellness, community, and finance.

​Keith's first book was "Human Interactions" (2005) Amazon (UK) Amazon (US)

  • "Set to produce the first fundamental advances in personal productivity since the arrival of the spreadsheet" ( Information Age)

  • "The breakthrough that changes the rules of business" ( Peter Fingar, author of "Business Process Management: The Third Wave")

  • "The overarching framework for 21st century business technology" ( BP Trends)

  • "The next logical step in process-based technology" ( Chair of the Workflow Management Coalition)

Subsequent books to which Keith contributed material on Human Interaction Management include:


  • "In Search of BPM Excellence" (2005, Meghan-Kiffer Press)

  • "Business Process Management Handbook, 1st edition" (2010, Springer)

  • "Social BPM" (2011, Workflow Management Coalition)

  • "How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done" (2012, Workflow Management Coalition)

  • "Empowering Knowledge Workers" (2013, Workflow Management Coalition)

  • "Business Process Management Handbook, 2nd edition" (2014, Springer)

Using the principles for cross-boundary collaboration that he developed, Keith went on to lead award-winning social enterprises for healthcare innovation, wellness, and community finance.

Coming soon is Keith's new book "Supercommunities", which brings together insights from recent academic research with original ideas about wellness, collaboration, and finance to explain how communities everywhere can become antifragile through social trading.

Keith has also released six jazz, classical, and traditional folk albums.

Keith Harrison-Broninski - colour - 2019

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